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I’ve wanted to pen this letter for quite some time about the condition of certain men that we have roaming society, today. Seems like, many of us women are often finding ourselves with low quality men. When I say low quality, what I mean is a man with a feverish mindset that results in the same vicious cycle of troubling behavior: multiple flings, constant deception, inability to commit (despite being with that individual for years), and the list continues. What I’m going to say next will sit hard with many of you. The reason there are “low-value” men is because of “low-value” women. Therefore, the F%*kboys that roam the Earth today were actually created by women.

Women must understand that we are the mothers of society. Every person that roams the Earth today is here because of a WOMAN. Thus, we are the creators of flesh.

Yet, many women who don’t understand their importance have limited their value. When you place your value at low levels, you won’t receive anything higher than your standards. Hence, if you place your value at high levels then a man must WORK in order to match the highest point of your value. In doing so, you’ve created a man whose quality has enhanced because of the skills he had to learn to acquire you. Many women of today are having difficulty because of the low quality women.

The low quality will give it to you free; the high quality will make you work for it.

The low quality woman is a hurt woman because she doesn’t understand her cycle. You don’t give a dog a bone and expect him to automatically learn to do obey. You teach the dog to obey and then you provide an incentive. Yet, the low quality woman will do the former and expect the latter.

Until the low quality woman understands her worth, she will remain in this vicious cycle and with each man that comes and goes out of her life – the cycle will transfer to the next woman. Hence, with the passing of woman to woman, the standards of today have declined.

Until women understand their truth worth – the quality of man will remain how it is.