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Certain types of the same people (no names need to be mentioned here) are requesting that the Black Lives Matter be stopped after the recent shooting of Officer Darren Goforth who was killed on Friday. Officer Goforth was shot by Shannon J. Miles, a black man. According to these certain types of people, Shannon Miles has connections with BLM protests. Here’s the thing – when Dylann Roof killed 9 people in a church ` the entire nation ACKNOWLEDGED that the young demon had direct connections with White Supremacy groups. Notice these same types of people didn’t open their no lips selves to dictate that hate groups associated with Dylann Roof needed to be stopped. In fact, the KKK had several rallies AFTER the killing and STILL had police protection at their protests. Yet, with the BLM protests and rallies, the police were there to protect the city AGAINST peaceful protesters. BLM doesn’t hold a history fueled by hate! I have YET to see BLM shoot innocent babies in their sleep, or on the playground! I have YET to see BLM pull women over and illegally arrest them only for them to be found hanging in their cell! I have YET to see BLM shoot an unarmed man in the back while he’s running away then plant a weapon near his dead body! I have YET to see BLM shoot a man and tell him “f*ck his breath”! I have YET to see BLM choke a man on camera and get away with it! I have YET to see BLM break a man’s spine! I have YET to see BLM do a drive-by and shoot an unarmed girl in the head! I have YET AND WON’T SEE any deaths caused by BLM! BLM didn’t create this world that we live in – you did! The individuals who hate to see unity in regard to an injustice. I WANT YOU TO OPEN YOUR HISTORY BOOKS BECAUSE YOU’RE IN THEM. You’re the people who hated the BLACKS that sat on the front of the bus, you’re the people who shouted racial epithets to children who were going to their first integrated school, you’re the people who sat and watched fellow brethren be lynched because of the color of the skin, you’re the people with hoods on who burned crosses in front of homes, you’re the people who sat on the jury and said “NOT GUILTY” in the Emmett Till case, you’re the people who detonated the bombs that killed 4 little girls. The only difference is you’re in a different year but your mindsets are the same. You hate BLM because you don’t want America to change its mistreatment of minorities. You can’t see it because you REFUSE to. To acknowledge it would mean that it holds truths! I understand your ignorance because your very foundation of knowledge was built on it! I understand it but ignorance never wins. These are FACTS and facts don’t cease to exist simply because you ignore them.