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Christian Taylor

  • Christian Taylor was killed by Officer Brad Miller – mind you, Brad Miller was in training TO BE AN ACTUAL OFFICER.

  • Officer Brad Miller shot 19-year-old Christian Taylor about 1 a.m. after officers responded to a burglar alarm at Classic Buick GMC near Interstate 20 and Collins Street
  • Taylor, a football star and 2014 graduate of Mansfield Summit, was unarmed
  • The report states, Taylor drove a sport utility vehicle through the dealership showroom’s glass doors.
  • Officer Miller shot Taylor after an “altercation.” Taylor died at the scene
  • BUT, the officer was just fired because they found that there was NOT an altercation, there was NO scuffle
  • Instead, Christian Taylor was gunned down 7 to 10 feet from the officer.
  • He was murdered and the officer was fired
  • Fired isn’t an arrest.

    • There needs to be an arrest AND conviction


Bernie Sanders

  • I’m really liking this man for president.

  • He knows how to move because he knows in order to win presidency, one must obtain the black and brown vote
  • Trump out here sayin’ Bernie is “weak” for letting Black Lives Matter protesters shut his speeches down.
    • Weak? Yeah, Bernie is weak BUT his last speeches have drawn TENS OF THOUSANDS of people.
    • Trump doesn’t get it because he’s wealthy, white, and priviledged and can’t see the other side of the fence
      • He’s racist clearly – see how he speaks about latinos and NOT only that but he has a long history of misogynistic remarks!
        • So he hates women and minorities. TWO GROUPS YOU NEED TO WIN!
  • Bernie also is out here tackling police brutality and released a comprehensive plan in regard to police brutality, justice system reforms, inequality reforms pertaining to the economy in the lists goes on.

Amandla Steinberg

  • If you don’t know who she is – something is wrong with you!
    • Rue from Hunger Games
    • Video about cultural appropriation
    • Let Kylie Jenner know about herself when she rocked braids
  • Anyways, Amandla is on the cover of “DAZE” and she’s slaying
  • If you’re a huge fan like I AM check out this month’s issue
    • Talks about Amandla’s personal growth
    • She’s for the social-conscious individuals

Hell to the No goes to: KIRAN GANDHI

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