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“I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole.”



Elisabeth Hasselbeck is America’s blondest troll

This past Monday, Ms. Hasselbeck that the Black Lives Matter movement should be classified as a hate group. Her exact words were, “Kevin, why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified as a hate group? How much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?”This is the same woman who accused Sandra Bland of possibly using her lit cig. – as a deadly weapon!When will Elisabeth Hasselbeck be classified as a White Supremacist.Dear Ms. Hasselbeck, name 1 BLM protester and actual evidence that  affiliates this protester with a murder of a cop or unarmed citizen – don’t worry I’ll wait.

Republicans are just playin’ I swear – they HAVE to be playin’ .So if you haven’t heard already, Ben Carson is surging in polls. First Trump now Ben Carson!If you don’t know who Ben Carson is that’s fine. Carson is tied with Trump for first place in a new Monmouth University survey of likely Iowa Republican caucus goers.You already know there’s a problem when Donald Trump says he likes Ben Carson.”I like Ben Carson very much,” Trump said last week in South Carolina. “He’s really a fine man. He’s a friend of mine. He’s doing well also.”Ben Carson previously stated that being Gay is a choice. Im actually a lady Gaga and feel people can be born a certain way, sexuality is one of them.He stated that some people become gay in prison, indicating homosexuality is a choice.And in August, he said that while he wouldn’t use drones to kill undocumented immigrants, he would order strikes on caves used to transport people across the southern U.S. border. HUH?!Like Trump, Carson has never held an elected office, and is riding a wave of deep discontent with the political establishment.Aides said that Carson also has another advantage over the rest of the field because of his connection to African-Americans, who have long celebrated his medical achievements. They argue that he could get 13% of the black vote in the general election.Just because Ben Carson is Black doesn’t mean he automatically get the black vote!He’s far from an Obama.And we already traded him for Justin Timberlake in the race trade!

Once again, America has another execution conducted by police officers caught on camera.According to the officers, they were responding to a domestic dispute call.Police claim they confronted him and that he resisted arrest.In the video, Gilbert Flores shirtless and unarmed with his hands up is gunned down by police officers.At the times, officers had no clue they were being recorded.I can say that watching this video, once again a man has been executed by police officers on camera.Gilbert was shot twice and once the officers shot him they offered him absolutely no aid.In fact, it was as though they were USED to this time of incident.Now that the video is out, officers claim he had a knife.But his hands were up in the air, OBVIOUSLY HANDS IN THE AIR MEAN SURRENDERING.NICE TRY.These officers need to be charged with murder




The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

  • It’s going down September 19, 2015
  • Ticket includes SAMPLING 100 OF PHANTOM’S FAVORITE FOODS, including pizza, ice
  • cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, cupcakes, pulled pork, and more.
  • This indoor and outdoor event is on two streets next to Fenway Park. Restaurants will be open. Beer and wine served on the street.
  • VIP ticket includes admission to Ernie Boch Junior’s private party at The Lansdowne, featuring special catering, and performances by Moonshine at 11:30AM, Brian Maes Band at 12:15PM, and the Fortune at 2PM!
    • VIP ticket also includes early admission to the streets so you can sample before everyone else.
  • For a limited time, tickets are just $30 from AceTicket.com. Tickets will be $40 in advance online and in select restaurants. Tickets will be $50 at the event. Tickets are limited.
  • Tickets are just $30 for AAA members at AAA branches. Supply is limited. Find a AAA branch near youhttp://www.phantomgourmetfoodfestival.com/aaabranch
  • 21 plus (no minors, infants, or pets). Food included, beverages are not. Wear purple!

Caribbean Carnival Part 2

  • What da gywan
  • Come all ye’ west indies folk and food lovers like Keke to the Caribbean fest part 2 in Cambridge on September 13 starts at 12:30.
  • Parade starts at 12:30 pm at Blackstone Street and River Street, continues up to Massachusetts Avenue and on to Main Street, and ends in Kendall Square at Albany and Main Street.
  • Carnival is Rain or Shine, just like it is in the Islands and tropics.
  • Cambridge Carnival is a colorful and festive celebration rooted in African traditions.

For the Kiddies: The Wiggles are coming!

  • After 21 years of entertaining children around the globe, The Wiggles will introduce three new cast members including the first-ever female member, Emma Watkins as the Yellow Wiggle!
  • This marks the first time that North American audiences will get to meet the new line-up and hear new music, as well as sing along to their favorite hits which are all incorporated into their live show.

  • Sun, Sep 20, 2015 12:30 PM


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