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I consider myself to be blessed to be a conscious black woman in America in 2015. With being conscious comes the woes of watching my peers self destruct at a genocidal rate. Between these reality TV shows, materialistic desires, turning up, gang violence, abortion, imprisonment, religion, sexual exploitation, neglecting children, rap music and many other things I can name, we’ve destroyed our own communities and enslave our youth with invisible chains all because we as a people are to lazy and comfortable to take a stance for the benefit of our own children. We are to lazy and reliant on our present situation. We are comfortable every month with our government assisted residence, government check, and government meal ticket. Things that were designed to keep us oppressed we embrace with open arms. The things we invest our money in, committing suicide by name brand. So many of the brands black buy support causes that rage war on the black community. Snapple, Timberland, Gucci and all the designers, Tommy Hilfiger, Chik-fil-A, Jordan (yes MJ) all support causes that oppress the black community (among other brands). TV shows exploit all the negatives and shed positive encouragements towards uncivilized behaviors and also glorify the wrong principles of living. The project an image a lot of people try to imitate and further oppress themselves because it is simply not a realistic lifestyle and unattainable to the majority. I can go on for days on how each subject helps to keep the Black communities oppressed ( I will do in other blog post), but I’m going to get to the point of why aren’t we breaking these invisible chains we all agree exist to better or future generations.

  1. People can’t look past the present moment and get a realistic grasp on the future;
  2. People don’t realize how fast time passes; (19 today 27 tomorrow)
  3. People are to comfortable in their present situations
  4. People don’t realize that becoming complacent never gets that house, car, or business
  5. People don’t realize government assistance is either a stepping stone or an oppression instrument
  6. People refuse to believe oppression is based upon race first then class of living
  7. People fail to put the importance of the future generations at a higher level than importance of image.
  8. People don’t realize they can make a difference

Its going to take work and a lot of hard work at that, but I think the rational and educated can agree that its worth it at the end of the day. The rehabilitation we didn’t get at the time of the Abolishment of Slavery. The work that we did do that was stolen and destroyed, we will get it back. It will be hard but at the end of the day its going to be worth it.