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“I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole.”



Elisabeth Hasselbeck is America’s blondest troll

This past Monday, Ms. Hasselbeck that the Black Lives Matter movement should be classified as a hate group. Her exact words were, “Kevin, why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified as a hate group? How much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?”This is the same woman who accused Sandra Bland of possibly using her lit cig. – as a deadly weapon!When will Elisabeth Hasselbeck be classified as a White Supremacist.Dear Ms. Hasselbeck, name 1 BLM protester and actual evidence that  affiliates this protester with a murder of a cop or unarmed citizen – don’t worry I’ll wait.

Republicans are just playin’ I swear – they HAVE to be playin’ .So if you haven’t heard already, Ben Carson is surging in polls. First Trump now Ben Carson!If you don’t know who Ben Carson is that’s fine. Carson is tied with Trump for first place in a new Monmouth University survey of likely Iowa Republican caucus goers.You already know there’s a problem when Donald Trump says he likes Ben Carson.”I like Ben Carson very much,” Trump said last week in South Carolina. “He’s really a fine man. He’s a friend of mine. He’s doing well also.”Ben Carson previously stated that being Gay is a choice. Im actually a lady Gaga and feel people can be born a certain way, sexuality is one of them.He stated that some people become gay in prison, indicating homosexuality is a choice.And in August, he said that while he wouldn’t use drones to kill undocumented immigrants, he would order strikes on caves used to transport people across the southern U.S. border. HUH?!Like Trump, Carson has never held an elected office, and is riding a wave of deep discontent with the political establishment.Aides said that Carson also has another advantage over the rest of the field because of his connection to African-Americans, who have long celebrated his medical achievements. They argue that he could get 13% of the black vote in the general election.Just because Ben Carson is Black doesn’t mean he automatically get the black vote!He’s far from an Obama.And we already traded him for Justin Timberlake in the race trade!

Once again, America has another execution conducted by police officers caught on camera.According to the officers, they were responding to a domestic dispute call.Police claim they confronted him and that he resisted arrest.In the video, Gilbert Flores shirtless and unarmed with his hands up is gunned down by police officers.At the times, officers had no clue they were being recorded.I can say that watching this video, once again a man has been executed by police officers on camera.Gilbert was shot twice and once the officers shot him they offered him absolutely no aid.In fact, it was as though they were USED to this time of incident.Now that the video is out, officers claim he had a knife.But his hands were up in the air, OBVIOUSLY HANDS IN THE AIR MEAN SURRENDERING.NICE TRY.These officers need to be charged with murder




The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

  • It’s going down September 19, 2015
  • Ticket includes SAMPLING 100 OF PHANTOM’S FAVORITE FOODS, including pizza, ice
  • cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, cupcakes, pulled pork, and more.
  • This indoor and outdoor event is on two streets next to Fenway Park. Restaurants will be open. Beer and wine served on the street.
  • VIP ticket includes admission to Ernie Boch Junior’s private party at The Lansdowne, featuring special catering, and performances by Moonshine at 11:30AM, Brian Maes Band at 12:15PM, and the Fortune at 2PM!
    • VIP ticket also includes early admission to the streets so you can sample before everyone else.
  • For a limited time, tickets are just $30 from AceTicket.com. Tickets will be $40 in advance online and in select restaurants. Tickets will be $50 at the event. Tickets are limited.
  • Tickets are just $30 for AAA members at AAA branches. Supply is limited. Find a AAA branch near youhttp://www.phantomgourmetfoodfestival.com/aaabranch
  • 21 plus (no minors, infants, or pets). Food included, beverages are not. Wear purple!

Caribbean Carnival Part 2

  • What da gywan
  • Come all ye’ west indies folk and food lovers like Keke to the Caribbean fest part 2 in Cambridge on September 13 starts at 12:30.
  • Parade starts at 12:30 pm at Blackstone Street and River Street, continues up to Massachusetts Avenue and on to Main Street, and ends in Kendall Square at Albany and Main Street.
  • Carnival is Rain or Shine, just like it is in the Islands and tropics.
  • Cambridge Carnival is a colorful and festive celebration rooted in African traditions.

For the Kiddies: The Wiggles are coming!

  • After 21 years of entertaining children around the globe, The Wiggles will introduce three new cast members including the first-ever female member, Emma Watkins as the Yellow Wiggle!
  • This marks the first time that North American audiences will get to meet the new line-up and hear new music, as well as sing along to their favorite hits which are all incorporated into their live show.

  • Sun, Sep 20, 2015 12:30 PM


                                                                                          JAY GATZ
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Ep. 5 Do it for the Likes – Press play


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“What happens on Social Media stays on Google forever! ”

“Celebrity News”

“Serious News”

Christian Taylor

  • Christian Taylor was killed by Officer Brad Miller – mind you, Brad Miller was in training TO BE AN ACTUAL OFFICER.

  • Officer Brad Miller shot 19-year-old Christian Taylor about 1 a.m. after officers responded to a burglar alarm at Classic Buick GMC near Interstate 20 and Collins Street
  • Taylor, a football star and 2014 graduate of Mansfield Summit, was unarmed
  • The report states, Taylor drove a sport utility vehicle through the dealership showroom’s glass doors.
  • Officer Miller shot Taylor after an “altercation.” Taylor died at the scene
  • BUT, the officer was just fired because they found that there was NOT an altercation, there was NO scuffle
  • Instead, Christian Taylor was gunned down 7 to 10 feet from the officer.
  • He was murdered and the officer was fired
  • Fired isn’t an arrest.

    • There needs to be an arrest AND conviction


Bernie Sanders

  • I’m really liking this man for president.

  • He knows how to move because he knows in order to win presidency, one must obtain the black and brown vote
  • Trump out here sayin’ Bernie is “weak” for letting Black Lives Matter protesters shut his speeches down.
    • Weak? Yeah, Bernie is weak BUT his last speeches have drawn TENS OF THOUSANDS of people.
    • Trump doesn’t get it because he’s wealthy, white, and priviledged and can’t see the other side of the fence
      • He’s racist clearly – see how he speaks about latinos and NOT only that but he has a long history of misogynistic remarks!
        • So he hates women and minorities. TWO GROUPS YOU NEED TO WIN!
  • Bernie also is out here tackling police brutality and released a comprehensive plan in regard to police brutality, justice system reforms, inequality reforms pertaining to the economy in the lists goes on.

Amandla Steinberg

  • If you don’t know who she is – something is wrong with you!
    • Rue from Hunger Games
    • Video about cultural appropriation
    • Let Kylie Jenner know about herself when she rocked braids
  • Anyways, Amandla is on the cover of “DAZE” and she’s slaying
  • If you’re a huge fan like I AM check out this month’s issue
    • Talks about Amandla’s personal growth
    • She’s for the social-conscious individuals

Hell to the No goes to: KIRAN GANDHI

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Jay Boston



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Certain types of the same people (no names need to be mentioned here) are requesting that the Black Lives Matter be stopped after the recent shooting of Officer Darren Goforth who was killed on Friday. Officer Goforth was shot by Shannon J. Miles, a black man. According to these certain types of people, Shannon Miles has connections with BLM protests. Here’s the thing – when Dylann Roof killed 9 people in a church ` the entire nation ACKNOWLEDGED that the young demon had direct connections with White Supremacy groups. Notice these same types of people didn’t open their no lips selves to dictate that hate groups associated with Dylann Roof needed to be stopped. In fact, the KKK had several rallies AFTER the killing and STILL had police protection at their protests. Yet, with the BLM protests and rallies, the police were there to protect the city AGAINST peaceful protesters. BLM doesn’t hold a history fueled by hate! I have YET to see BLM shoot innocent babies in their sleep, or on the playground! I have YET to see BLM pull women over and illegally arrest them only for them to be found hanging in their cell! I have YET to see BLM shoot an unarmed man in the back while he’s running away then plant a weapon near his dead body! I have YET to see BLM shoot a man and tell him “f*ck his breath”! I have YET to see BLM choke a man on camera and get away with it! I have YET to see BLM break a man’s spine! I have YET to see BLM do a drive-by and shoot an unarmed girl in the head! I have YET AND WON’T SEE any deaths caused by BLM! BLM didn’t create this world that we live in – you did! The individuals who hate to see unity in regard to an injustice. I WANT YOU TO OPEN YOUR HISTORY BOOKS BECAUSE YOU’RE IN THEM. You’re the people who hated the BLACKS that sat on the front of the bus, you’re the people who shouted racial epithets to children who were going to their first integrated school, you’re the people who sat and watched fellow brethren be lynched because of the color of the skin, you’re the people with hoods on who burned crosses in front of homes, you’re the people who sat on the jury and said “NOT GUILTY” in the Emmett Till case, you’re the people who detonated the bombs that killed 4 little girls. The only difference is you’re in a different year but your mindsets are the same. You hate BLM because you don’t want America to change its mistreatment of minorities. You can’t see it because you REFUSE to. To acknowledge it would mean that it holds truths! I understand your ignorance because your very foundation of knowledge was built on it! I understand it but ignorance never wins. These are FACTS and facts don’t cease to exist simply because you ignore them.

Blaqkitty Introduction


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I consider myself to be blessed to be a conscious black woman in America in 2015. With being conscious comes the woes of watching my peers self destruct at a genocidal rate. Between these reality TV shows, materialistic desires, turning up, gang violence, abortion, imprisonment, religion, sexual exploitation, neglecting children, rap music and many other things I can name, we’ve destroyed our own communities and enslave our youth with invisible chains all because we as a people are to lazy and comfortable to take a stance for the benefit of our own children. We are to lazy and reliant on our present situation. We are comfortable every month with our government assisted residence, government check, and government meal ticket. Things that were designed to keep us oppressed we embrace with open arms. The things we invest our money in, committing suicide by name brand. So many of the brands black buy support causes that rage war on the black community. Snapple, Timberland, Gucci and all the designers, Tommy Hilfiger, Chik-fil-A, Jordan (yes MJ) all support causes that oppress the black community (among other brands). TV shows exploit all the negatives and shed positive encouragements towards uncivilized behaviors and also glorify the wrong principles of living. The project an image a lot of people try to imitate and further oppress themselves because it is simply not a realistic lifestyle and unattainable to the majority. I can go on for days on how each subject helps to keep the Black communities oppressed ( I will do in other blog post), but I’m going to get to the point of why aren’t we breaking these invisible chains we all agree exist to better or future generations.

  1. People can’t look past the present moment and get a realistic grasp on the future;
  2. People don’t realize how fast time passes; (19 today 27 tomorrow)
  3. People are to comfortable in their present situations
  4. People don’t realize that becoming complacent never gets that house, car, or business
  5. People don’t realize government assistance is either a stepping stone or an oppression instrument
  6. People refuse to believe oppression is based upon race first then class of living
  7. People fail to put the importance of the future generations at a higher level than importance of image.
  8. People don’t realize they can make a difference

Its going to take work and a lot of hard work at that, but I think the rational and educated can agree that its worth it at the end of the day. The rehabilitation we didn’t get at the time of the Abolishment of Slavery. The work that we did do that was stolen and destroyed, we will get it back. It will be hard but at the end of the day its going to be worth it.



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IMAGINE THIS (YOU’RE NOT FROM AMERICA): Imagine you’re in grade school and you’re beginning to learn about American history. You’ve heard much about the wars and the falsification of Christopher Columbus discovering America (your teacher was kind enough to tell you the truth). Today’s lesson you’re going to learn about the Black American. You and your classmates open up your books and begin to read about slavery and how Blacks were ripped from their homes, put onto boats (many whom didn’t survive) and worked in fields for hundreds of years. For weeks, your class dissected the horrors that Blacks had to endure: the beatings, the lynching, and the separation of family, the rapes, the washing of their own history; basically, everything your small little minds could barely handle. After weeks of learning about slavery, your class discovers that a President abolished the atrocity and the slaves were free to go (sigh of relief). Then you find out about the Jim Crow laws and great Black men who began to lead a movement (your book only has one man though – Martin Luther King Jr.). Your class sits in front of the TV and watches America literally wash black bodies down their streets, you witness the country blow children up– specifically, four little girls in a church, and even drown them – Emmett Till. You’re on the verge of tears because your innocence cannot fathom the hurt and pain that you’re seeing with your very eyes. 1 Black girl named Ruby Bridges, 9 from little Rock Arkansas, then James Meredith, then the screen goes black. And as the next scene appears, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 comes into place. Most of the leaders from before were murdered but you realize their deaths were for a cause greater than them. After the film, you feel better. You know that Blacks in America are ok now. That Black Lives Matter. And with your small little self, you run home to tell your parents what you learned. That America saved Blacks from what they did to them. History from the books that sat on your desk. Books that speak truths or so they say. For some, that is all the history that you will ever know. Surface histories that tell one that everything is ok. Yet, Imagine going home as a black child to tell your folks what you’ve learned. And as you tell them the stories, you catch them looking at each other – frightened by what you’re telling them. And they tell you “let’s talk”. And with great hesitation, they begin to tell you the truths. Indeed, the history you’ve learned did happen. But it isn’t over. You find that blacks are killed by the police and by peers that look like them. How did many people who came to America as hostages become savages? How did they become their captor? Then you hear the psychological effects that your books left out. How Willie Lynch taught hundreds of owners to war their slaves against one another. How colorism is a tool used to separate. How the separation of families are still occurring – you hear that 1 and every 3 black born today will serve some time in prison during their lifetime.  How blacks are one of the poorest races living in poverty – a race that built this country’s wealth off of the slave trade. How many families who wanted to home own were redlined and if a black moved next door to others then the surrounding properties would lose value adding more fuel to an already blaze of hatred. Fast forwarding to today, you see that there is a large abundance of black on black crime. Taking the time out, you see that these statistics in America are almost at the same of whites but that isn’t talked about. You see that much of the country is still segregated by race – classism. You notice that their neighbors look like them and understand that black on black crime pertains to thy neighbor. Each one resembles the next. And then you find that private prisons are funded more than education in black communities. So not only are blacks becoming victims to criminal manipulation, their education levels are low because their communities don’t invest in them. Your parents could see what they were telling you was too much so they hugged you and told you to let your dreams take you to another beautiful world. EXCEPT, you couldn’t sleep – you cried instead. The next day, you went into class and begin telling your classmates what you learned. “What are you talking about, there’s no more suffering in America, if it was they would leave”, a classmate shouted. “And where would a person go whose country hates them and has no home”? No one answered. You sat back in your chair defeated, knowing your voice fell on deaf ears, whispering to yourself, “Black Lives MATTER”.