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Little Black Girl Lost

The mother of the earth birthed the queens of perfection
Made to be of true beauty- a mirror, gracefully painted of her reflection
No mistakes were given as each queen was chiseled into pure art
Strong willed but elegantly crafted so to delicately be pieced a part

Skins painted from earthly hues of sand to thunderous skies
Yet sharing the same trait of pulled back curtains within their eyes
These little black girls wander to find their own American dreams
Instead of the white fences, the family dogs, and the Victorian houses
They wander to the path of finding unrequited loves of their fathers- in their spouses

Through the prune colored lips of a black girl lies a hardening desire
You can tell by the swing of her hips, her persona and her attire
“Black girl, where are you going”- a question she longs to hear
And she will answer “I wish to go somewhere as long as it’s not here”

Look at her –
And ask one self, how a rose can grow so firm without a stem
Or how can a pebble outshine a diamond if it’s not a gem
Expectations of a black girl have been lost in her ceaseless quests
And for fear of a dead end, she opens her two doors to deceiving guests

Sacred as she is-
She spends her life on different paths trying to find the right pair of dreams
Wearing the same outfit of despair until it becomes too good as it seems
Losing herself but as long as she can temporary fill voids she’ll do it at all cost
And we put our head downs as she walks by- there goes another black girl lost