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First and foremost, with the sincerest, deepest part of my lovely heart I want to say thank you. Again, thank you for discussing black culture and black problems that occur in America. And thank you for publically berating your people on a public forum.

We live in a different world today. We live in a world where individuals of color are able to find success in America, who are able to provide for their families and who are able to say, they are living the “American Dream”.

In fact, Mr. Barkley, states “Unfortunately, as I tell my white friends, we as black people, we’re never going to be successful not because of you white people but because of other black people,” Barkley said. “When you’re black, you have to deal with so much crap in your life from other black people. It’s a dirty, dark secret; I’m glad it’s coming out”.

And as Don Lemon states, “If I don’t carry a certain narrative, I’m then an Uncle Tom and sellout,”.


I find it interesting that these two men have found the time to actually push more negativity onto what the black race is dealing with today. Instead of Mr. Barkley discussing why there is an unintelligent force that has shackled the Black race and also who is doing the brainwashing – he has probably not by coincidence, skipped over the causes but yet only discuss the effects on what is occurring within this race. In addition, he goes on to discuss how blacks are like crabs in a barrel.

Crabs in a barrel… Crabs don’t live in a barrel Mr. Barkley; if they’re in a barrel then they are in captivity. A barrel is not the natural habitat of a crab.

Then we have Mr. Lemon. Mr. Lemon discusses how if he doesn’t carry a certain narrative then he is called an Uncle Tom – what exact narrative do you discuss?

I have never witnessed Mr. Lemon discussing anything of “black life” except when its big news such as the Martin case, the Davis case, and now Mike Brown’s. And this is why many Blacks don’t have time for you and what you have to say Mr. Lemon because you don’t experience the OTHER NARRATIVE before discussing it. A little advice, to see why there are SO MANY INDIVIDUALS who side with a certain argument perhaps you should see where they’re coming from. Think like them momentarily and if you have to LIVE LIKE THEM because you seem to discuss black lives sometimes but when you do it’s always “I don’t … I haven’t tried… I was never taught” … well what about the individuals who have and were taught and did? Let me just remind you that -Mr. Lemon was astonished to see the first ruling of the Davis’ case and could NOT fathom how the jury did not indict Dunn on the killing of Jordan Davis. While he stood shocked, those who have been embalmed in Black events weren’t surprised; we’ve been through this before the Davis case. Instead of him examining why there was NO SURPRISE sitting in the pits of the stomachs from his counterparts – he went on. Then he was shoved by Ferguson police officers and could not believe what had happened and again, his counterparts were NOT surprise yet he WENT ON.

Mr. Lemon believes that Barkley’s comments have made individuals uncomfortable because it has truths.

I am an intelligent black woman. I speak properly. I have indeed been insulted because of my usage with proper dialect and I have been intertwined with the street life and yet I find what these two men have said as an insult.

Never have I witnessed another race group get together and discuss what the problems are within their own race without any solutions like the black race does. When mass shootings occur or a capture of a serial killer where the killer is not Black, do I see forums coming forth in which such races discuss what’s wrong with their community – instead; they review what the complications are within the entire America.

See – Lemon and Barkley have it wrong. Being black enough does not mean one must have incorrect dialect in one’s speech, be involved in crimes, not being educated. Being black enough means to be you, to be comfortable in your skin, to have the knowledge of your roots, to be able (with or without education) to excel and to accomplish one’s dreams. If one was to discuss crime and education – then one must look into the
components that influence such. You discuss a community’s crime statistics then one must examine the influential components that have created the perpetrator – their education levels, their socioeconomic status, their home live, etc (they do it all the time for Caucasians and their crimes but we see the lack of such in Blacks and their crimes).

Therefore, Mr. Barkley – if blacks were indeed in a crab barrel then believe me when I say you would be one of those crabs IN THE BARREL seeing as those such crabs only bring one another down.