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Best Picture – Drama: YESSS!‘12 Years A Slave’ was named Best Picture Drama at this year’s Golden Globe Awards! If you haven’t seen it already – you SHOULD. The movie is based on the life story of Solomon Northup. Mr. Northup, a free man was kidnapped into slavery.

Where is Baby Aniston Walker? 7 week old Aniston Walker has gone missing. Baby Walker’s mother is currently under suspicion for her daughter’s disappearance. According to her, she left her two children – Baby Aniston with her 3 year old child while she took she took her 5 year old to school. When she returned, the Baby Aniston wasn’t in the house but her 3 year old was. Something is a little fishy! 

Erykah Badu – Has anyone seen her latest video? She’s creative but the video is leaving many to asking if she’s indeed creative or crazy…. Hm…

Kendrick Johnson: The death of Kendrick Johnson has left many baffled. We have many questions like how and who? It seems that justice has not been served in the case of Kendrick Johnson. Surprisingly, there has been such a cover up in this case – including the altering of surveillance video. Now the FBI has gotten involved and personally, I’m rooting that the town of Valdosta AND the Johnson family can find Justice for another Black child gone too soon! (Applause to those who gathered over the weekend for Kendrick – Trayvon Martin’s mother was in attendance as well)


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